Yoga and Wellbeing with Anna

Yoga and Wellbeing with Anna… is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher based in Exmouth, Devon.

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Hi, I’m Anna, a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher based in Exmouth, Devon. I am a qualified yoga teacher and trained with The Devon School of Yoga to achieve my 500 hours qualification over 2 years.

I am also a qualified Mindfulness teacher having trained with The Devon School of Mindfulness in the Mindfulness Now programme.
In a previous life I was a Primary School teacher (for 20 years!) and now I teach yoga and mindfulness to people aged 2- 82! I have three children and run this business myself.
I feel strongly about ‘keeping it real’ and moving in a way that feels right for your body whilst being completely present. When I teach I encourage people to use various mindful strategies to stay with the breath and have awareness of the body and mind.
Aspiring to do lots of ‘fancy’ poses isn’t helpful. Working to remove tension and discomfort from the body and mind is the aim as far as I am concerned. Stretching out feels good and along the way you will probably get stronger too. Ultimately, stillness in the body and mind is what brings contentment in life.

My Classes

I teach regular classes in Exmouth as well as workshops and day retreats in the surrounding area.

I teach yoga in schools to groups or classes of children as well as one to one sessions for children with specific needs.

Sessions with parents of children with additional needs to help them manage their own well-being using yoga and mindfulness.

I can offer sessions for teachers or other adults working with children to advise them how to use mindfulness and yoga in the classroom on a daily basis to help with anxiety, anger and stress to name a few.

I offer sessions for teachers to help bring a greater sense of well-being into their own lives using yoga and mindfulness. These sessions are available across the country.

I also bring well-being packages to businesses, using yoga and mindfulness to work with stress, anxiety and to bring a sense of work/life balance to employees. These sessions are available across the country.

For more details on any of these email me at yogaandwellbeingwithanna@gmail.com

60 years plus Yoga

Tuesdays 9.30am – 10.30am

Littlemead Church Hall

Exmouth EX8 4RF

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga
Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm

Marpool Primary School EX83QW


Friday Flow

Fridays 9:30am – 10:30am

Littlemead Methodist Church Hall EX84RF


For more general information on yoga and mindfulness please visit my blog.